Mens Long Pea Coats

Casey Douglas
11 min readMar 20, 2024



Drape yourself in style and warmth with our selection of top-notch Mens Long Pea Coats. Our roundup features a variety of designs, perfect for those chilly winter nights or a stylish touch to your outfit. Browse through our curated collection and let us help you find the best fit for your fashion needs.

The Top 5 Best Mens Long Pea Coats

  1. Moleskin Pea Coat in Green — The Timeless Navy-Inspired Fashion — Stylish and comfortable, this classic moleskin pea coat from Superdry’s Merchant Store collection serves as a timeless layering option, perfect for elevating your wardrobe with its luxurious, heavyweight fabric and vintage nautical design.
  2. Quality Slim Fit Long Pea Coat for Men — Experience high-quality craftsmanship with the Springrain Men’s Notched Lapel Slim Fit Long Pea Coat Trench Coat — a versatile, stylish, and lightweight choice for spring, autumn, and winter.
  3. French Connection Navy Wool Blend Peacoat Men’s Wool Outwear with Double Breasted Button Fastening & Classic Collar — Classy and versatile, the French Connection Wool Blend Peacoat in Navy offers a classic yet modern silhouette, perfect for the refined gentleman seeking warmth and sophistication in their winter wardrobe.
  4. Classic Men’s Button Front Peacoat in Black by Nautica — Nautica’s Button Front Peacoat, featuring a sophisticated style and reliable quality, promises comfort and durability for any occasion in the 100% polyester material and Fouled Anchor buttons, all at a 4.4 rating based on 219 customer reviews.
  5. Ralph Lauren Black Men’s Long Pea Coat with Detailed Pocketing — The Lauren by Ralph Lauren Luke Solid Wool-Blend Peacoat in Black offers a classic double-breasted design, detailed pocketing, and a versatile blend of materials for a stylish and comfortable jacket choice.


Moleskin Pea Coat in Green — The Timeless Navy-Inspired Fashion


The Superdry Men’s The Merchant Store Moleskin Pea Coat in green size L is a stylish addition to any wardrobe. I loved the effortless sophistication it brought to my outfit. The heavyweight moleskin fabric made it luxurious and warm for those chilly days, and the classic design had a vintage Navy feel to it. The tailored fit was perfect, not too slim and not too loose, giving me a polished look.

However, there was a minor issue — the pockets were sewn shut to maintain the tailored shape, which might make it difficult to store items. Also, the buttons did fall off during my first wear, which was rather disappointing. Despite these drawbacks, the coat remains a timeless piece that adds to the overall charm of my wardrobe.

Quality Slim Fit Long Pea Coat for Men


The Springrain men’s long pea coat trench coat is a stylish and versatile option for any season. It boasts a slim fit and high-quality craftsmanship, making it a standout piece in your wardrobe. The single breasted design with a front button closure and notched lapel collar adds a classic touch, while the long sleeves and lined pockets keep you comfortable and protected.

The variety of colors and lightweight construction make it a great choice for spring, autumn, or winter weather. Just be sure to follow the care instructions carefully to maintain its quality. Overall, this trench coat is a worthwhile investment for any man looking to stay both fashionable and functional.

French Connection Navy Wool Blend Peacoat Men’s Wool Outwear with Double Breasted Button Fastening & Classic Collar


I recently purchased the French Connection Wool Blend Peacoat in Navy from Nordstrom. It arrived in a timely manner and was packaged well. At first glance, the peacoat exudes an air of refinement and class, and I was excited to add it to my winter wardrobe.

The wool blend of the peacoat is both warm and comfortable, perfect for those chilly winter days. The double breasted button fastening and classic collar add a touch of elegance, creating a timeless look that is sure to impress. As someone who values function as well as fashion, I appreciate the convenience of the two side pockets for storing my essentials.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks to my overall experience. Firstly, I noticed a slight flaw in the quality of the peacoat — three of the buttons eventually fell off after a few wears. This was disappointing, as I expected a higher level of craftsmanship considering the price. Secondly, I encountered an issue with the shipping process. I had ordered a large size, but unfortunately, it arrived small. This was resolved through an exchange with the retailer, but it was an inconvenience nonetheless.

In conclusion, the French Connection Wool Blend Peacoat in Navy is a sophisticated and stylish option for your winter wardrobe. While it may not be perfect, the combination of its quality fabric and classic design make it a worthwhile investment. Just be prepared for minor flaws in the construction and potential issues with sizing.

Classic Men’s Button Front Peacoat in Black by Nautica


Wearing a Nautica Men’s Button Front Peacoat made me feel like a captain of the high seas, ready to face any chilly challenge that came my way. The moment I put it on, its classic design and luxurious fabric gave me a sense of confidence, making it stand out from my usual boring winter coats.

First off, the fit of this peacoat was spot on, thanks to its detailed measurements guide provided by the brand. It felt comfortably warm on those cold winter nights, protecting me from the frigid wind. The well-placed pockets were perfect for keeping my hands warm or storing small essentials like my keys or phone.

However, this peacoat was far from perfect. While the design was true to the classic peacoat style, it didn’t feel as high-quality as I had hoped. The fabric didn’t seem as thick or durable as the peacoats I had owned in the past, and it started pilling after just a couple of washes.

Moreover, the size seemed to run a little large, which might be a concern for some shoppers. The jacket felt roomy around my chest, and I had to cinch it in to get the right fit. Also, the lining of the coat seemed to be made of a cheaper material compared to the outer fabric.

Despite those minor issues, I must say that wearing the Nautica Men’s Button Front Peacoat was an experience to remember. Its style and warmth made it stand out, even on those grey and gloomy days. While it might not be the most durable peacoat out there, it certainly does the job in keeping you warm and looking stylish in the process.

Ralph Lauren Black Men’s Long Pea Coat with Detailed Pocketing


The Lauren by Ralph Lauren Luke Solid Wool-Blend Peacoat in black is a classic, timeless piece that brings a sense of sophistication and style to any outfit. Crafted from a blend of wool, polyester, tencel, and rayon, this coat offers the perfect balance of warmth and comfort.

One of the standout features of this peacoat is its notch lapels, which give it a refined and elegant look. The long sleeves are perfect for layering and keeping the chill away, while the double-breasted button front adds an element of formality. The chest welt handwarmer pockets and waist flap pockets provide a practical touch, ensuring you can keep your hands warm when needed.

Despite its many positive aspects, there are some minor drawbacks to this peacoat. For one, the size can be a bit deceptive, as some customers have reported that it runs slightly larger than expected. Additionally, the exterior pockets are not functional, serving only as ornamental accents.

Overall, the Lauren by Ralph Lauren Luke Solid Wool-Blend Peacoat in black is a fantastic addition to any wardrobe. Its understated elegance makes it suitable for both casual and formal occasions, and the blend of materials offers both warmth and comfort. Just be sure to size up or down as needed to ensure the perfect fit.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for mens long pea coats. In this section, we will provide you with essential information, considerations, and advice to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a long pea coat. Remember to consider your own needs and preferences to ensure your perfect coat.



A high-quality long pea coat should be made from a durable and warm material. Common materials include wool, cotton, and polyester. Wool is an excellent choice for its insulation and breathability. Look for coats with a high cotton or wool content to ensure proper warmth and durability. Additionally, consider materials that are easy to care for and resistant to wear and tear.


Long pea coats typically come in different lengths. Measure from your shoulders to your hips to determine the ideal length for you. It should be long enough to cover your hips but not so long that it interferes with your stride. Some people prefer a shorter pea coat for a more modern look while others opt for the traditional longer length.



There are various styles of long pea coats available. Consider the following factors when choosing one that suits your style and needs best:

  1. Collar: Single or double-breasted collars, straight or lapel, and funnel collars are available. 2. Lining: Fully lined or unlined coats offer different levels of warmth and style. 3. Buttons: Traditional, horn buttons or zippers can affect the overall look and functionality of the coat.

Pockets and Features

Pockets and other features can make your pea coat practical and comfortable. Look for coats with hand pockets, chest pockets, or inner pockets. Some pea coats may also have adjustable cuffs for a better fit and a vent at the back for improved breathability. Pay attention to details like cuff styles, stitching, and seam placement to ensure high-quality workmanship.



What are mens long pea coats and how are they different from other coats?

Mens long pea coats are a type of outerwear specifically designed for men. They are longer than traditional pea coats, typically extending to mid-thigh or lower, offering more warmth and coverage. These coats are differentiated by their longer length and often feature a belted waist, giving them a tailored fit.

Long pea coats are more versatile than other types of coats, such as parkas or leather jackets, as they can be worn in various settings. They exude a classic, formal look while still providing insulation in colder weather conditions. Additionally, they are easier to layer with other clothing options, making them a popular choice for men seeking both style and practicality.


What materials are commonly used for making mens long pea coats?

Mens long pea coats are typically made from high-quality materials that offer both durability and warmth. Some common materials used include wool, tweed, and cotton. Wool is a popular choice due to its excellent insulating properties and ability to breathe, while tweed offers a classic, textured appearance. Cotton is another common choice, providing breathability and comfort in milder weather.

Many mens long pea coats also feature a blend of these materials, such as a wool or tweed outer shell with a cotton lining, or a blend of polyester and cotton for increased durability and water resistance. Some coats may also use synthetic materials for added convenience, such as wicking or anti-microbial properties.

How should mens long pea coats be worn and what outfits do they best complement?

Mens long pea coats can be worn in various settings and with different outfits to create a unique casual or formal look. The mostcommon way to wear one is with trousers, either paired with a shirt and tie for a more formal occasion or a casual button-down shirt and jeans for weekends out and about. The belted waist of the coat can also be cinched to define the silhouette and add structure.

For added warmth, you can wear a scarf or hat underneath the coat, especially during colder months. To achieve a more polished look, consider accessories such as leather gloves and a leather belt. When opting for a more formal look, it’s best to avoid wearing the coat open, as this can make the outfit appear less structured.


What are the key features of a quality mens long pea coat?

A quality mens long pea coat should feature a combination of superior craftsmanship, comfort, and style. When searching for a suitable coat, consider the following features: a tailored fit, a length that provides coverage without being too bulky, and a breathable, durable fabric that can withstand wear and tear.

Additionally, look for a coat with functional buttons and a comfortable cut around the arms and shoulders for better mobility. A well-made coat should also have a lining that provides insulation and helps to maintain the coat’s shape, as well as pockets deep enough to accommodate your hands and essentials. The finishing touches, such as quality stitching, reinforcement, and attention to detail, are also indicators of a well-crafted piece.

How do I care for my mens long pea coat to ensure its longevity?

Caring for your mens long pea coat is essential to maintain its quality, insulation, and appearance. To clean your coat, make sure to read the label for specific instructions on how to care for the fabric. If it’s a synthetic blend, you may be able to gently launder the coat at home or take it to a professional dry cleaners. For coats made of wool or natural fibers, consider using a professional cleaner to avoid damaging the fabric.

After cleaning, air-dry the coat to prevent shrinkage or wrinkling. Store the coat in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight or moisture, as this can cause damage and even mold growth. When hanging, use a sturdy hanger with a padded bar or cover to protect the fabric and maintain its shape. It’s also a good idea to take your coat to a professional for minor repairs, such as mending or re-sewing buttons, so it can continue to be used for many seasons to come.

Is it possible to find mens long pea coats in different colors and patterns?

Yes, mens long pea coats are available in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to choose an option that best suits your personal style. Traditional long pea coats are often available in solid colors, such as navy, charcoal, or black, or in classic patterned tweeds. However, more modern and trendy designs can feature checks, plaids, and other graphic patterns in a range of colors.

Some coats may also be available with design elements, such as oversized collars or contrasting inner lining, adding an extra touch of style. When choosing the perfect long pea coat, consider your personal taste, the types ofoutfits you plan to wear it with, and the colors that complement your wardrobe best.